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Page Background DID YOU KNOW THESE? 33 Data Security and Log Management İlyas Kaymakçı INFORMATION SECURITY 32 REPORTS 28 We Are Here For Professional and Personal Development! Suat Taştekin HR 26 NEWS 22 Active Data Guard Tansel Başarır EXPERT VIEW 21 A Common Achievement of Insurance Companies and IIC - Projects in 2013-2014 CURRENT 20 Started “Choose Your Surveyor by Yourself” Term Erkan Çinko EXPERT VIEW 18 We are Adding Speed to Our Speed! CURRENT 16 Great Interest to “2nd General IT Committee”! NEWS 15 Projects From SBM Which Will Take the Sector One Step Further CURRENT 12 e-Government Portal Available for Insured Parties! NEWS 11 Medical Malpractice Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance Tuncay Bağbaşı EXPERT VIEW 10 SBM’s new applications and approaches will contribute greatly to our sector ATİLLA OKSAY 8 SBM is more Accessible and more Solution-Based by Renewed Organization Structure YAMAN ARNAVUTOĞLU 6 IT Committee will Speed-Up Information Flow MEHMET ABACI 5 Year 2023, Turkey is at the top with Insurance! 3

Internal communication newsletter of Insurance Information and Monitoring Center