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Insurance statistics linked to personal credit rating

started to be released

During the period of January-June 2013, Ziraat Bankasi is the market

leader in insurance policies linked to personal credit score with a market

share of 23.5%. Ziraat Bankasi is followed by Is Bankasi with a share

of 9% and Halk Bankasi with a share of 7.5%. And when the market

is analyzed in terms of products offered, the market leaders are Is

Bankasi in comprehensive insurance, Akbank in Property Insurance,

Ziraat Bankasi in Life Insurance and Yapi Kredi in Individual Accident

Insurances. For detailed information, you can follow the reports and

insurance statistics related to individual accident insurance statistics

under the Haymer BKBS directory under Business Intelligence menu.


You can now inquire your health and travel policies!

We’ve developed “General Policy Inquiry Application” for individuals

and business entities to enable instant access to policy information in

our system. Policies can now be inquired with T.C. Identity Number

and policy number or SAGMER number. Travel Health product group

policy and insured transmissions can also be inquired "ONLINE". This

application is an important resource to prevent insurance abuses which

will particularly relieve consulates. Further information is available at


Watch out! How long after the policy start date do the

accidents usually happen?

34.174 of the accidents that took place in 2013, happened during the

first week of the policy while 18.470 of them happened during the last

week of the policy. There’s a declining trend from the policy start until the

end of the policy. Reports prepared based on accident reports as well

as statistics based on age group, gender, scenario, company, province,

district and driver, are available under the KTT directory of IIC Business

Intelligence menu.