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The structure which enables sending online in a

controlled manner to our system the casco policies

forwarded to SBM by transfer has been established

and started to operate in real-time environment

as of 1 July 2013. The old data will be sent until

31 January 2014 and the policies to be drawn up

after that date can be made via “Online Policy” web


Casco Online Policy

Web Service Transfer

Within the regulation on the procedures and

principles related to the collection of the prices

of medical services provided for traffic accidents,

information on Personal Traffic Accidents in 2011

accident year and thereafter are being sent by the

Ministry of Health and Social Security Insurance

(SGK) to our centre. The traffic policies of the

vehicles involved in an accident are identified and

a web screen in which the accident information

can be viewed by the insurance companies

has been prepared. With this application, the

insurance companies can examine the Personal

Accident Minutes (BKTT) sent.

Apart from that, a separate web screen has

been prepared for Assurance Account in order

to examine the records which don’t have policy


Opening to Insurance

Companies the

Personal Accident

Now people and entities can instantly have access

to the policy information contained in our system

with “General Policy Inquiry Application".

Travel Online Project

Has Been Put Into


Within the Regulation on Amendment of the

Regulation on Tariff Implementation Principles in

Highways Motor Compulsory Third Party Liability

Insurances”, the Traffic Tariffs which can be

imposed every 6 months can be imposed monthly

until 1 January 2014.

Traffic Monthly Tariff


“e-government” which enables safe and efficient

access from a single point to public services in the

electronic environment became partners. Within

the scope of the works carried out, citizens are

enabled to access Traffic Policy information via

e-government. So the citizens can view from which

company and when the policies are paid, the

effective dates of the policies, vehicle information,

guarantee information and the discounts entitled

and additional premium rates.

Viewing Traffic Policy

Works Completed in the Last ree Months in SBM

We are getting faster and faster!