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Providing that insured parties can display all their traffic

policy information, this service does not require a second

identity verification. On the relevant screen, policy details

can easily be seen by only entering the license plate

information. So, people can see when and with which

company they issued policy, between which dates their

policy is valid, vehicle information, assurance information

and earned discounts and premium rates.

72 Million Inquiries in 4 Months

72 million traffic policy inquiries were made in SBM systems

within the first four months of 2013. With this service, SBM

makes it available for monthly average of 600 thousand

visitors, inquiries on e-Government Portal.

Access Your Insurance Information at One


Established by the Treasury Undersecretariat, Insurance

Association of Turkey, Türksat, and Insurance Information

and Monitoring Center, the traffic policy inquiry is success-

fully materialized. Also, it will be able to inquire Medical

Bad Practice, Dangerous Substances and Interrogation

of Propane Policy and Damage, Non-compulsory Health

Policies, Life Policies, Car Insurance Policy and damage

informations. This services will help the sector to reach

a wider audience by contributing the creation of citizens’

awareness of insurance.

At e-Government Portal, where 14 Million citizens are

members, 150 Million traffic policy records of SBM can be


As Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM), we

continue working with a new service for extending insurance

awareness, which is one of our missions, and maybe the

most important one.

e-Government Portal, which provides an safe and effective

single point access public services in electronic media, met

with SBM on common grounds. SBM, havuzunda bulunan

150 milyon trafik poliçe kaydı e-Government Kapısı'na kayıtlı

14 milyon vatandaşın hizmetinde.

Materialized by the cooperation of Undersecretariat of

Treasury, Türksat A.Ş., Insurance Association of Turkey

(TSB) and Insurance Information and Monitoring Center

(SBM); "Integration of Services to e-Government Portal"

signing ceremony was made on 14 May 2013 in Istanbul.

This service was activated by the protocol signed by Türksat

General Manager Dr. Özkan Dalbay, TSB Chairman Mr.

Recep Koçak and our General Manager Mr. Aydın Satıcı.

Traffic Insurance Information at e-Government


Citizens, who enter from e-Government Portal, can just enter

the their plate numbers to access the service.

e-Government Portal Available for Insured