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Page Background

SBM achieves

organizational advances

as well as strengthening

its software and hardware

infrastructure to meet

sectoral expectations.

How do you assess the IT committees, the

common work of SBM and the insurance


It is very important that Insurance Information and

Monitoring Center, which is a formation created by

the sector, acts together with the sector in projects it

would materialize. Operations planned by Companies

to materialize their business plans and projects to be

materialized by the Center not interacting with each

other is an element that impacts the success of projects

that companies or the Center would materialize. In this

frame, in order to create common solutions with insurance

companies and jointly set project time plans, it is deemed

very useful to establish IT Committees for non-life and life

branches. Nevertheless, it is also important for finalizing

the studies in a smooth and successful manner that

projects to be realized would be assessed in terms of

legal issues and insurance technique, keep in touch with

relevant parties for this purpose.

Which other data to be gathered by SBM do

you think would be useful for the insurance


As stated before SBM has goals such as;

• Achieving a unity of practice,

• Healthy pricing,

• Fraud prevention,

• Creating reliable statistics,

• Increasing trust for insurance system,

• Making public monitoring/control more effective

In this frame, it is considered very useful to first add fire

insurances and individual accident insurances among the

insurance branches whose information are kept by the

Center. Besides, it is at least as important as gathering

new data to make certain areas “compulsory areas” and

establish control mechanisms by evaluating existing data

structures, for reaching correct analysis results.

a more extensive and effective manner, achieving a unity

of practice in the sector, healthy pricing, fraud prevention,

creating reliable statistics, increasing trust for insurance

system, and making public monitoring/control more

effective. For this purpose, it is an important organization

for our business, who gathers information that are basis

for risk assessments, including false insurance practices,

and who presents such gathered information, regarding

insured parties and those who indirectly benefit from

insurance contracts, to relevant parties, especially

insurance companies.

Can we learn your opinions on SBM’s new

approach and studies?

Not only Insurance Information and Monitoring Center’s

but all institutions’ goal is to advance their past

accomplishments. At this stage, Insurance Information

and Monitoring Center is strengthening its software and

hardware infrastructure to perform its legislative duties

and to meet sectoral expectations, as well as achieving

organizational advances. In this frame, it is obvious that

the new implementations and approaches by the Center,

which has a common database, would contribute greatly

to our sector. However, it is essential that all advances

must be made in coordination with the sector.