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Page Background

Our works with SBM (Insurance Information and Monitoring

Center) have begun in October 2010 with “HAYMER (Health

Insurance Center) Data Transfer Project” and still continues

acceleratingly today from October 2010.

With “HAYMER Data Transfer Project”, it was requested to

send life policies and important changes about policies to

SBM, within defined object structures. For this long-term and

critical project, we organize the HAYMER Project Team, which

included our teammates from associated business units.

Whole team carried out the works by knowledge, experience

and self-devotion. Many meetings were organized, substantial

workforce and time was spent for object analysis and test


During the studies, our communication with SBM continued

at every stage. We were able to send our questions in writing

via “SBM Request Management System”, and we were also

able to tell ALL our problems via telephone to relevant people

whenever we wanted, regardless of being on a business day

or holiday. We had meetings with SBM on issues, with which

we had problems in the Project, or on issues which we wanted

changes. Upon requests we made to facilitate our works, SBM




Yapısı ile Daha

Kolay Erişilebilir

ve Daha Çözüm


Allianz Yaşam ve Emeklilik A.Ş., Director of

Information Technologies-Division of Analysis

and Life IT Committee Deputy Chairman

Yaman Arnavutoğlu, outlined the work they

carried out in cooperation with SBM.