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SBM reports are faster

with Oracle Exadata Data


“Also, having successful

implementation of SBM Data

Warehouse Conversion

Project, can be regarded as a

quick Return on Investment

(ROI) of Oracle Exadata Data

Warehouse and ODI ETL tools

throughout our significant

2013 investments. Migration

of the reporting infrastructure

into the new platform in a

very short period of time

within three months, has

been accomplished by our

dedication and hard work.”

SBM teams have recently contributed to three successful projects from

which the sector will benefit to a great extent. Two of them are related to

transition to HTTPs Secure Web Protocol and sFTP Secure File Transfer

Protocol which completely prevents unauthorized access to data

prohibiting manipulation of data transmitted to SBM, and the other

is SBM Data Warehouse Conversion Project which provides

a robust reporting infrastructure.

SBM data communication is hundred percent

safe now!

Aydın Satıcı, Managing Director of SBM, in relation to the projects said,

"By transition of web applications and services from HTTP to HTTPs

Secure Web Protocol, and from FTP to sFTP Secure File Transfer

Protocol, a very critical security gap for SBM and insurance companies

has been closed. As a result of these projects, unauthorized access

to data and data manipulation risk during transfer to SBM has been

completely prevented. It is such a big success and pride for us

and the insurance companies which provided us with their

support in carrying out these comprehensive

conversions, covering all the

applications and

integrations implemented.”

SBM is getting ready to make bigger

contributions to the growth and profitability

of the sector with the projects developed

in information security and data warehouse issues.

Projects From SBM Which Will Take

the Sector One Step Further