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Assessing the Damage Notices of Motor Vehicle

Insurances", dated 14.02.2011 and no. 2011/5, issued by

the Undersecretariat of Treasury. Steps of the circular were

briefly as follows:

The insurant may request appoint of expert through

EKSİST system at any time he/she wants.

Unless otherwise indicated in the policy, fees are paid by

the insurance company. If it is indicated on the policy that

the fee expert fee is to be paid by the requester ins such

cases, then the fee is paid by the insurant or beneficiaries

of the insurance contract.

In appointments, random selection is made from among

he experts meeting the criteria.

The expert notifies whether he/she accepts the job

within 2 hours. Otherwise, he/she is deemed to have

rejected the job. For an insurant who has been rejected

2 times, the expert is obliged to accept the job in the 3rd

appointment request.

The insurance company should notify whether it accepts

the expert appointed from the system, and if it does not

accept, it should notify the information about the expert to

be appointed by it to the system within 1 business day.

When the experts come to agreement, report can be

prepared and repair can be started.

If there is disagreement between two experts, this is

notified to the system, and one of the experts notified by

SEİK, who have been doing expertise for 20 years and

over, is selected randomly as dispute expert.

Fee of the dispute expert is shared equally between the

parties according to the guide wage tariff.

While objections were raised to this regulation from the

industry, there were also those who were happy with it.

However, expected interest was not there. Only around

500 expert appointment requests were made during 1.5


What is EKSİST?

EKSİST (Surveyor Appointment & Follow-up

System) is a system allowing surveyor appointment

and following up this process for the insurants or

beneficiaries of an insurance contract through a

web-based application.


As it is known, the insurants or beneficiaries of an insurance

contract have been permitted to choose theirself surveyors

as free by the Insurance Law No. 5684, article 22, paragraph


There were some ambiguities about how to enforce the law

so, it was required to define how this right can be exercised.

The "Circular on the Procedure for Conducting and

Assessing the Damage Notices of Motor Vehicle Insurances",

dated 14.02.2011 and no. 2011/5, was published by the

Undersecretariat of Treasury to indicate the guidelines

concerning application of the said law provision.

This circular stipulates that the insurants and beneficiaries can

perform the expert appointments in this branch through the

"Expert Appointment & Follow-up System" (EKSİST) within

the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center.

The circular sets out the expert appointment rules in this

application and the general guidelines concerning functioning

of the system.

History of EKSİST

The EKSİST system has entered into force on 1 April 2011

upon the "Circular on the Procedure for Conducting and

Started “Choose Your Surveyor by Yourself” Term

HATMER Unit Manager