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Better, more

confident, more

welfare, more

powerful, more

happy future will

be in Turkey by


The only way to climb to the top without hitting the ground is

to pound the insurance nails in many places and to hold the

insurance nail.

Turkey can carry on its path in the next decade without failing

and without stopping by having all its risks insured and having

its insurances reassured by overseas reassurance companies,

in other words by exporting all risks to abroad.

Today, while the total credit provided to the economy by

banking system is around USD 400 billion in total, the insurance

system, by guaranteeing a risk at the amount of USD 20 trillion,

makes a bigger contribution to the Turkish economy and

society. It is a prerequisite for Turkey to achieve its targets that

the share of the insurance sector in GDP which is 1.5% moves

towards 5% similar to the European countries.

At the end of 2013 half year, the number of life insurance

policies exceeded 20 millions. The total of traf�ic and Casco

insurance policies exceeded 20 millions and DASK achieved

50% growth, BES 60% growth and Auto 50% growth. These

numbers demonstrate how much Turkey believes in the

necessity and importance of insurance. If the growth continues

in the same speed, it is envisaged that the end of year premium

production will exceed USD 13 billion with a growth of 30%.

Better, safer, wealthier, happier future will be provided by

Insurance for Turkey.

In order for the insurance business to increase and grow,

Insurance Information and Monitoring Centre, we have

launched many projects and we will soon start to actualize

them. Maybe, the project on transferring to the central system,

that is, to our Centre, the information in real time at the

moment when the policies are drawn up, which is a �irst in the

world, would be the biggest achievement of the sector.

I hope that Turkey's 2023 targets will be accomplished in

the extreme and Turkey easily becomes one of the 10 biggest

economies in the world.

De�initely insurance in order to achieve the targets!

Better, more con�ident, more welfare, more powerful, more

happy future will be in Turkey by Insurance.

Best Regards.

Year 2023, Turkey is at the top with insurance!