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As being organized since early 2013, IT Committees

undertakes the role of a bridge on which companies

common problems, opinions and suggestions are shared.

Through IT Committees, which add more power to SBM’s

transparency based communication, it was ensured that

projects, which would bring effectiveness and efficiency to

the sector, are defined. With the joint studies of Companies

and SBM in the projects; feasible time, resource and cost

plans were made, and thus, it was achieved to materialize

the projects.

SBM’s increased investments, especially in 2013 for

infrastructure, security and application improvement tools,

brought together improvements in uninterrupted services

and work continuity, information security, which is very

important for us, and in reporting and information issues.

We hereby thank SBM and its employees for their efforts

for the business and public, and their cooperation and

supportive approaches.

made evaluations. SBM made us feel the evolution it had

with its renewed organizational structure, through its easily

accessible and solution-based approach in every issue.

During the studies we carried out with SBM, we found our

improvable applications in our own systems. Although

“HAYMER Data Transfer” project challenged us in some

issues, it created an opportunity for us to revise our own


With the “Individual Accident Data Structure Project”, by

which our company is also covered; companies in the

sector will be able to prevent potential abuses proactively,

by making preventive inquiries at policy-making stage.

Similarly, insurance and data standards glossary, studies in

which we were also involved, will create a common language

in the sector and increase the effectiveness of informative

reports. SBM website, with its renewed face and improved

functions, has become a consolidated structure that gathers

all branches, serving its purpose. In applications which

can be accessed over the site as provided for the use of

companies, significant improvement is achieved in terms of

security by user based authorizations.

SBM is more Accessible

and more Solution-Based

by Renewed Organization