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discussed and decisions were made on time plans and

major project steps, which were agreed by all. These

committee studies, which were carried out for the first

time since 2008, when SBM was established, showed

the importance and value of the process of sharing of

experiences by insurance business information technology


As known, SBM carries out critical duties of gathering data

needed by insurance business, and sharing such data with

insurance companies and all relevant parties. It is essential

that sector managers and SBM work together in harmony

to gather this data in a healty manner these data that are

crucial for insurance sector, perform, complete and activate

the studies for this purpose in an appropriate manner. IT

committees also have undertaken responsibility on this


The next step must be performing the studies that would

help the business improve more, and ensure our clients

receive the services that would make their lives better from

different channels in a fast and high-quality manner.

Our goal is to keep business integration at highest level at all

areas, and contribute to our sector through common sense

and action.

Aiming to produce common solutions with insurance

companies to lead the sector, Insurance Information Center

(SBM) accelerated its works with its newly established IT


SBM strives to gather insurance related data at a single

center and to have insurance activities performed in a more

extensive and effective manner. As well as this mission,

SBM aims to successfully fulfill many difficult duties such

as achieving a unity of practice over the sector, preventing

fraud and increasing trust for the system. In this scope, to

contribute to the improvement of Turkish insurance, SBM

carries out reorganizations within itself.

After meeting with all insurance companies in January,

it was decided to establish two separate committees,

consisting of IT department representatives of life and

elementary insurance companies. The purposes of

creating these committees were to share the experiences

of information technology managers in insurance business,

create a common synergy and improve the insurance


Non-Life IT committee made four meetings until today. In

these meetings, which were attended by SBM and insurance

company managers, projects that were desired in SBM were

Anadolu Sigorta Assistant

General Manager /Non-Life

IT Committee Chairman

Mehmet Abacı wrote for SBM

IT Committee

will Speed-Up



Mehmet ABACI


Anadolu Sigorta