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We have adopted the priority of “education” in order to utilize

our human resource in an efficient and effective way, too.

We have sent our managers to “Management Trainings”

seminar in June in order to train our young talents properly.

The purpose of the seminar is to determine the management

characteristic of our managers in which they are powerful and

limited, to prevent the mistakes done in the management, to

establish proper communication with the new employees and

to increase the managerial powers. By examining in detail

four different behaviour structures (D-I-S-C), our manager

learned their personality profiles, while finding an opportunity

to learn more closely about the profiles of the teams they


First of all, we identify the basic needs when preparing

the training program for our employees. We prepare the

professional and personal training programs before the start

of the New Year by obtaining the opinions of department

employees, managers and the Managing Directors.

The first half of 2013 has passed quite efficiently for

Insurance Information and Monitoring Centre which we

started out with the vision, ‘Our Human Resource Is Our Most

Important Capital”. SBM, which is “the data pool” of insurance

sector, the number of employees increased with a 28%

growth. We paid care to have our new employees primarily

from the young generation. We wanted to implement the

correct strategies to reintegrate these employees who are

“Generation Y” both to our institution and to the insurance


The new generation wants to work in reputable companies;

they desire to work in an exciting, creative and interesting

working environment. Salaries, benefits and career

opportunities are very important, too. Another very important

issue is professional and personal development.

Education’ is our priority in order to utilize our

human resources in the most efficient way

We Are Here For Professional and Personal Development!

HR Manager