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Page Background

Medical Malpractice and Hazardous

Substances and LPG Policy and

Damage inquiries can now be made via


Viewing Medical

Malpractice and

Hazardous Substances

and LPG Policy and


“Expert Appointment” and “Follow-Up System"

which have been stopped previously have been put

into operation by adding “Free Selection of Expert”

application. In this way, the insured and the people

who bene t from insurance agreement are entitled

to select freely their experts with EKSİST application.

EKSİST Application Put

Into Operation

Transition to HTTPs Secure Web Protocol

and sFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol which

completely prevent unauthorized viewing and

altering of the data sent to SBM has been


Transition to HTTPs

and sFTP

With this application, “Travel Health”

policies and insured people are being

transferred to our system "online" in real


General Policy Inquiry


With the amendment in Medical Malpractice Grade

Calculation, discount or additional premium have

been applied for "all the insurance agreements"

of individuals and are being handled according

to damage or compensation payment (Before the

amendment, only the damage and compensation

payment records in the policy referred were taken as


Medical Malpractice

Grade Calculation


With this application, casco damage information

can be sent by the companies by associating with

"Policy Annex”. The “New Damage” web service

has been put into operation as of 1 July 2013. The

old data will be sent until 31 January 2014 and the

policies to be drawn up after that date can be made

via “Online Policy” web service.

Casco Damage Web

Service Transfer