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(SAİK Member)

Yalçın KAYA

(SEİK President)


Çetinay KARAOL

(SEİK Member)


(SBM Unit Manager)


(SBM Unit Manager)



SBM Center Manager


K. Tufan TEKİN

SBM Solution Development Director

Advisory Committee

shareholders of the industry.

The Advisory Committee convened twice on 19 April and

31 May at the SBM Central Offices. At these meetings,

exchange of several ideas was conducted for the purpose

of: Ensuring the agencies and experts attain the necessary

quality in their individual jobs, enabling the members of

the Executive Committee assess the job done and do

more quality job, which are to be assessed by the SBS

Management Committee.

New structure of the SBS and the benefits and opportunities

to be provided to the industry with this structure were also

told to the Committee members at the meeting. The next

Advisory Committee Meeting will be held on 27 June 2013.

The Advisory Committee established within the Insurance

Information and Monitoring Center to provide advisory

opinions and suggestions to the Management Committee in

relation to the duties of the center held its first meeting on

11 April 2013 under the chair of Mr. Ahmet Genç, Insurance

General Manager of the Undersecretariat of Treasury, At

the kick off meeting, Mr. Genç informed the members about

mission and vision of the committee.

By this committee that was established, it was enabled for

the Agencies and Experts to provide opinion to the SBM

Management Committee, and it was aimed to create a

healthier industry analysis and strategy by taking opinions

of the Agencies and Experts. Thus, with the Advisory

Committee, SBM has become a stronger institution capable

to reach wider communities, convey its messages to all

Executive Committee of Insurance Experts (ECIE) . Executive Committees of Insurance Agencies (ECIA)

SAIK and SEIK In Advisory Committee of

Insurance Information and Monitoring Center