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As Insurance Information and Supervision Center (IIC) one of our major goals is to follow the technological developments

closely and adapt the latest technologies. To this end, we’re now active in social media, which has already become an

indispensible part of our daily lives. You can now access our center and contact us via Facebook.

SBM is now in Social Media!








SBM continues to observe its employees and the stakeholders

in the sector both with sur+veys conducted and also committees

organized. In this regard, two surveys aimed at SBM employees

have been conducted in May and June.

“Company Satisfaction Survey” which has been

conducted with the participation of 43 insurance

companies in total has been done with 257 user.

According to its results, satisfaction rate of insurance

companies has increased by 1 percent since the

previous survey which was done in September 2012.

The rate which was found to be 90 percent in September

survey has increased to 91 percent in eight months.

The sharp increase observed in the “Employee Satisfaction

Survey” conducted within SBM was remarkable. The employee

satisfaction rate was 66 percent in September, while it was 97

percent with a pleasing increase in June survey.

Insurance Companies Are Satisfied with

SBM Services!