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​​​​​​​​​Human Resources Policy of SBM

With its notion of uninterrupted service, Insurance Information and Monitoring Center was founded on the principles of sustainable quality, reputability and ensuring collaboration among all stakeholders of the insurance industry. SBM realizes its goals with the power it drives from human capital above everything. It has adopted the goal of becoming an organization where participation and diversity are valued. It places importance on working with qualified human resources, continuous development of employees and keeping their motivation high. In our organization, different perspectives are always encouraged and necessary conditions are created to offer creative opportunities.

Human Resources Management at SBM emphasizes value placed on employees by seeing the individual as having strategic importance and creates awareness for the individual to be treated as a distinctive element of the organization. Human resources strategies are configured to ensure a reliable, fast, mobile and proactive organization structure in order to allow SBM to maintain its position in the sector by ensuring information security and uninterrupted service.

"Our most valuable capital: Our Human Resources."

Our values

  • Treating everyone fairly, with good will and being tolerant
  • Acting in line with ethical principles
  • Creating a sense of collaboration and solidarity
  • Offering equal opportunities in terms of education, development, career and compensation

Our Competencies​

  • ​​Team Work
  • Communication
  • Developing Collaborations
  • Being Result-Oriented
  • Creativity
  • Continuous Development​

Compensation and Benefits

With the goal of implementing an equitable compensation system, "Work Appraisal" processes are followed. The main principle of compensation management is management of total compensation packages for employees by taking into account work appraisal results, and ongoing salary market rates to ensure competitive salary policies and by rewarding exceptional performance.

Our salary package at SBM consists of an annual salary equivalent to 16 months of salary as well as other benefits.

  • All employees are entitled to private health insurance, life insurance and individual accident insurance. Exceptional performance is rewarded with SBM performance bonus paid once a year depending on the grade of the employee.
  • All employees receive occupational and personal development trainings from professional organizations.
  • As a company that provides 24/7 service, we provide all employees with a smart-phone and company line. ​​​