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​​​​What is an Accident Report?

It has become possible for the parties to issue a report with mutual agreement in relation to accidents involving only financial loss since 1 April 2008. Thus, waiting in traffic and loss of time are prevented and it is ensured that citizens can follow their reports online.

How Does The System Run?

The parties fill an Accident Report after the accident and convey it to claims department of insurance companies of the parties. Insurance companies convey the report and (if any) photos to Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM) on electronic system at the end of the following workday.

Each insurance company evaluates its own faulty rate within 3 workdays following the entry to SBM system. These rates can be 0%, 50% and 100% for every vehicle. If agreement is reached between the companies (if the same faulty omission rates are provided by all parties), the file is concluded.

If agreement cannot be reached within 3 workdays (if at least one company provides different faulty rates), the file is transferred to Report Evaluation Committee. The Committee concludes the relevant file within 3 workdays.

“If both vehicles involved in the accident have the same insurance company, citizen (insured) can object to the decision made by the company from “Accident Report Objection” step under “Online Transactions Menu” via and it is ensured that the report is evaluated by the committee.”

Function of SBM

SBM is responsible for creating a system where insurance companies can enter reports and inquire reports of insured as well as the infrastructure of this system.

“Report Evaluation Committee” is a committee independent from SBM and its principle duties are to finalize “files on which insurance companies cannot reach an agreement in relation to omission rate.”

“Objections related to files concluded by the committee can be made through Insurance Settlement Committee  and court.

You can learn the status of your report from “Online Transactions Menu” “Accident Inquiry" step and via​ SMS 5664.